What Just Happened (WJH)

Передовая технология потоковой передачи телеметрических данных

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Go Beyond Conventional Telemetry

What Just Happened® (WJH) is an advanced streaming telemetry technology that provides real time visibility into problems in the network. WJH goes beyond conventional telemetry solutions by providing actionable details on abnormal network behavior. Traditional solutions try to extrapolate root causes of network issues by analyzing network counters and statistical packet sampling. WJH eliminates the guess work from network troubleshooting.

Advanced Streaming Telemetry

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How It Works

The WJH solution leverages the unique hardware capabilities built into the Mellanox Spectrum® family of Ethernet switch ASICs to inspect packets at multi-terabit speeds – faster than software or firmware-based solutions. WJH can help in diagnosing and repair of your Datacenter network including software problems. WJH inspects packets across all ports at line-rate, at speeds that overwhelm traditional Deep Packet Inspection solutions. WJH saves hours of onsite technical support services for troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of computer software. WJH is an Open Ethernet solution that can be integrated into open source tools like Grafana, and Kibana, but it also works with turn-key data center wide monitoring solutions like Mellanox NEO and Cumulus’ NetQ.

Key Benefits

  • Instant root cause analysis
  • Saves lost revenue due to unplanned data center outages
  • Faster time to resolution
  • Decreases troubleshooting time
  • Open & extensible for integration into 3rd party network monitoring solution

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