LinkX® 4 and 12 channel 25Gb/s VCSEL Drivers and TIAs

LinkX VCSEL drivers and Transinpedance Amplifiers (TIAs),each with fully integrated Clock and Data Recovery (CDR), enable next-generation, low-power100Gb/s, 200Gb/s, 300Gb/s, and 400Gb/s optical transceivers. These devices feature a wide range of programmable functions including deemphasis of the receiver and input equalizer. The low-power design enables full 100Gb/s transceivers to consume less than 2,5W, even when the CDRs are enabled. The option to selectively turn the CDRs off, provides designs of even less power consumption.

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MTTV2804 Transmitter Simplified Block Diagram

25G block diagram I

MTRV2804 Receiver Simplified Block Diagram

25G block diagram II