LinkX InfiniBand DAC Splitter Cables

Mellanox LinkX InfiniBand DAC splitter cables make it easy to connect HDR100 HCAs to the HDR Top-Of-Rack (TOR) Switches. For the first time in InfiniBand, Mellanox has created a 1:2 splitter cable in both DAC copper and AOC optics enabling a 40-port HDR switch to support 80-ports of 100G HDR100. Passive DAC copper cables consume zero power and offers the lowest signal latency. Mellanox offers a wide range of products to support reaches from 0,5m to 3m for every application needed.

In addition to meeting IBTA standards, LinkX certified cables are 100 % tested in actual Mellanox systems to ensure optimal signal integrity and the best end-to-end performance. Mellanox DAC cables are designed for use in super computers that have the most stringent requirements. All Mellanox cables are tested to BER 1E-15 which is 1000x few errors than most others. Mellanox passive copper cables offer trouble free installation, long-term reliable operation and they work with 3rd-party switches and adapters.

The 200G HDR end is configured as 4-channels x 50G PAM4 in a QSFP56 shell. The HDR100 side splits off 2 channels x 50G PAM4 into two separate QSFP56 ends each operating at 100G with 2x50G PAM4 modulation. EDR operates at 4x25G using NRZ modulation.

HDR100 and EDR both have a bandwidth of 100G but are not the same, nor compatible.

HDR cables used in EDR systems will function at EDR rates. However, 100G HD100 ends are not compatible with the 4x25G NRZ 100G EDR ports and will configure to 2x25G NRZ or 50G.

LinkX® Infiniband Direct Attach Copper Splitter
InfiniBand Быстродействие Form Factor Описание продукта Special Features Артикул Length (Meters)
HDR-to-Dual HDR100 200G - 2x100G QSFP56
LSZH Splitter MCP7H50-H 1, 1.5, 2
“Splitter” cables are also called “breakout” cables. LSZH: Low Smoke, Zero Halogen
Check Product Briefs for detailed product codes and specifications

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