InfiniBand Management Tools

MLNX IB Management package contains the following management utilities for InfiniBand fabrics. 

  • MLNXSM 5.7.1 - Mellanox InfiniBand Subnet Manager
  • IBUtils2 2.4.0 - Mellanox InfiniBand diagnostic utilities (ibdiagnet, ibdiagpath, smparquery, etc)
  • infiniband-diags 5.7.0 - InfiniBand diagnostic utilities (ibnetdiscover, smpquery, ibqueryerrors, etc)
  • libibumad_mlnx 43.1.1 - Userspace library for sending InfiniBand Management Datagrams (libibumad)
  • libibmad_mlnx 5.4.0 - library to encode, decode, and dump IB MAD packets (libibmad)
  • ibsim 4.1.0 - InfiniBand Fabric Simulator

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