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Supermicro has grown from a Silicon Valley start-up to a multi-billion dollar Fortune 1000 company. The establishment of the company as a provider of leading enterprise data center solutions has continued to drive impressive and consistent growth for a quarter of a century, impressively achieving 6x revenue growth over the past ten years while being profitable every year since inception.

Learn about Supermicro solutions that can help you optimize your business:

Standard PCIe:
AOC-S25G-m2S: PCI-E 2-port 25G CX-4 Lx EN

SIOM Form Factor:
AOC-M25G-m4S: SIOM 4-port 25G CX-4 Lx EN

AOC-MH25G-m2S2T: SIOM 2-port 25G CX-4 Lx EN


AOC-MHIBF-m2Q2G: SIOM 2-port IB FDR CX-3 Pro

AOC-MHIBF-m1Q2G: SIOM 1-port IB FDR CX-3 Pro

MicroLP form factor:
AOC-C25G-m1S: MicroLP 1-port 25G CX-4 Lx EN

Ultra Networking Riser:
AOC-2UR68-m2TS: 2U Ultra 2-port 25G CX-4 Lx EN

AOC-URN4-m2TS: 1U Ultra 2-port 25G CX-4 Lx EN