Mellanox and Terrascale Enable Low-Cost Grid I/O

InfiniBand Fabrics, Open Source Linux and TerraGrid Platform Software Deliver World Class I/O Performance Using Commodity Server Components

STORAGE NETWORKING WORLD, PHOENIX AZ, APRIL 12, 2005- MellanoxTM Technologies Ltd, the leader in performance business computing interconnects, today announced a solution that enables hundreds of server nodes using InfiniBand interconnect to access a global file system namespace while maintaining linear scaling to the point of total disk bandwidth saturation. This solution consists of TerraGrid software from Terrascale, an innovative developer of next generation input/output (I/O) software, in addition to open-source, Linux-based sockets direct protocol (SDP) software, freely available for download from Mellanox's web site (InfiniBand Gold package). Using 10 gigabit per second InfiniBand interconnect with this solution instead of gigabit Ethernet delivers at least a 3X storage throughput increase for clustered and grid computing applications that require shared access to large data volumes.

 Built on top of Mellanox s InfiniBand Linux software stack, TerraGrid provides a simple, light-weight storage solution that allows well known file systems such as ext2, NFS and CIFS to linearly scale across a cluster of storage servers, said Ted Rado, Vice President of Marketing for Mellanox Technologies.  This turnkey solution easily provides multi-gigabyte-per-second storage performance using commodity, low-cost storage servers.

"The efficiency and price/performance of InfiniBand has proven to reduce the overall system cost for deploying high-bandwidth I/O systems," said Jim Hetherington Director of Sales and Marketing for Terrascale Technologies. "We believe that the killer application for InfiniBand is scalable I/O. Repeated measurements taken in real-world production environments have revealed that InfiniBand with SDP delivers 3X the bandwidth and 5X the transactional rates when compared to gigabit Ethernet connected to an equivalent number of disk drives. These benefits become even more attractive when the exceptional price per port of the InfiniBand fabric is considered."

Come Visit Us at Storage Networking World

To hear more about this solution and other InfiniBand storage announcements, please visit Mellanox at Storage Networking World (Booth #PP23) during exhibition hours, April 13-14.

About Mellanox

Mellanox field-proven offering of interconnect solutions for communications, storage and compute clustering are changing the shape of both business and technical computing. As the leader of industry-standard, InfiniBand-based silicon and system solutions, Mellanox is the driving force behind the most cost-effective, highest performance interconnect solutions available. For more information on Mellanox, visit

About Terrascale

Terrascale Technologies develops next-generation software solutions that enable existing serial applications to become high-performance, linearly scalable and massively parallel solutions that run on commodity Linux servers and networks. Terrascale's flagship product TerraGrid enables commodity compute and application clusters - running on standard networks - to achieve wire-speed I/O rates, without additional hardware and while co-existing with the rich suite of open source Linux software. For more information, please write to

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