Mellanox is Pleased to Offer Cumulus Linux for Spectrum Switches

Mellanox is pleased to offer Cumulus Linux support for the entire portfolio of Spectrum based 25, 50, and 100 Gb/s Ethernet switches to bring web-scale IT efficiency to the data center. This combination is the realization of the OpenEthernet vision and demonstrates the value of open networking and disaggregation of switch hardware and software. This allows customers to choose the best in class hardware and software to meet their specific needs. Spectrum based switches offer significant advantages over the competition. Only Spectrum switches deliver Predictable Networks and Zero Packet Loss networks. Furthermore the combination of Mellanox and Cumulus is an example of the power of Open Composable Networks which combines open platforms, industry standard APIs, and network automation.

Press Release:
Mellanox Adds Cumulus Linux Support for Ethernet Switches
Extends Network Operating System Choices for 10, 25, 40, 50 and 100 Gb/s Open Ethernet Platforms

The Mellanox and Cumulus Partnership

Performance Report
by The Tolly Group

View how Mellanox switches deliver zero-loss and wire-speed throughput and keeps your data intact.

Zero Packet Loss

Packet Loss is Simply Unacceptable. Performance levels should improve over time. The design compromises made by Ethernet switch ASIC vendors have gotten worse, instead of better, which create application degradation and unexpected behaviors that results in increased latency and CPU consumption.

Mellanox 100Gb/s Ethernet Without Compromises

Our advanced Ethernet switch ASICs are capable of forwarding packets at full line rate for even the smallest packet sizes with all ports transmitting data. And we can forward packets using cut-through switching to minimize latency and maximize throughput.

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